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Welcome to Sandown School - this week's news ...  

Can I begin by saying thank you to you all for your support over the last couple of weeks regarding the illness outbreak we have experienced. I do not think I have ever known the levels of absence through illness to be so high. We think it has peaked now and everyone is gradually getting better. We appreciate the communication from home to school informing us of the absences. On one day we had 57 pupils and 8 members of staff off!
A busy week again. Mrs Slaughter invited the PE leaders from Kingsdown and St Mary's in on Monday to do a 'Deep Dive' into how we organise PE at Sandown but also to talk to the children and teachers about their experiences here. The school came out very favourably - Well done everyone!
The Senior Leadership Team have been 'dropping in' to classes this week to talk to pupils about their learning. It always amazes me how confident our pupils are and so ready to share their learning and reflect on their next steps.
This week we had a further two parent tours for prospective Year R pupils. If you are aware of anyone who has a child who will be 4 years old by 31 August 2020 please point them in Sandown's direction for a tour if they haven't done already.
Next week sees the start of the many activities we have planned for the Christmas period; make sure you check the newsletter for all the dates - let the merriment begin! 
See you at the gate!                          

Until next week   ... ... ... KATE LUXFORD







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