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Welcome to Sandown School - this week's news ...  

How quickly did the Summer break go?
I would like to welcome everyone back to Sandown for, what I am sure, will be a fun filled and successful year. Welcome to all of our new families, both in Year R and across the school. I am sure your children will enjoy their learning and thrive in our caring environment.
I would like to just take this opportunity to say that the Summer in Deal has been incredibly challenging and I am sure you will join Sandown sending our thoughts and love to the family and friends of Lucas. It is times like this that we appreciate how fragile life is and important our families and friends are.
If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to ask. There will always be a member of Senior Leadership at the gates in the morning. We endeavour to have all dates on our website and our newsletter will be information packed every fortnight.              

Until next week   ... ... ... KATE LUXFORD







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