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Welcome to Sandown School - this week's news ...  

It is fantastic to have the whole school in and our wonderful Year Rs are settling really well.
As always with Sandown we are very busy; all year groups are involved in dance workshops on a Monday morning which look thoroughly enjoyable albeit exhausting! Madagascar auditions are in full flight and it was a real treat watching some staff joining in with such zeal at the workshop! Green Zone is up and running with the energy and passion that only Mrs Collins can bring. The only thing not up to speed so far is our Facebook page which is experiencing some issues so please hang in there and we hope to share our successes on there with you all very soon.
As always if you have any queries or worries please contact school via the office or catch us on the gates. We endeavour to keep you all up to date with events and important news via this newsletter, the text service and our website.

Until next week   ... ... ... KATE LUXFORD







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