Sandown School

The National Curriculum

In September 2014 the Government's new National Curriculum came into practice. At Sandown School we have been planning and teaching from this new curriculum since it was first released in draft form in September 2013. Below is a link to a parent's guide to the new curriculum.

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The Sandown Curriculum

At Sandown School pupils and staff are particularly proud of the exciting and engaging curriculum that we have. On this page you can see an overview of the exciting topics that happen throughout the year in each year group in Sandown School.

In brackets you will see the key text that accompanies each topic.

Click on the year groups to view the content of our school curriculum.


Year R

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Term 1

Our World


Wonderful Weird Wilderness!

Space Invaders

Turner and The Elements

Groovy Greeks

Ancient Egypt

The Victorians

Term 2

Autumn watch

Once Upon a time

Princesses and Dragons



UGs Pants



Firework Makers Daughter

To Infinity and Beyond

Extreme Environments

Term 3

Out of this World

Fire and Ice

Wacky Walliams

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Rotten Romans

Violent Volcanoes


Term 4

Once Upon A Time

Whats The Deal?

Savannah Safari

Sulky Saxons

What’s the Deal?

What’s The Deal?



Term 5

Spring Watch

Joys of Julia

Secret Agent Training

Wild and Free

Rhyme and Reason

Capital Mystery


Term 6

The Blue Planet

Dangerous Dinosaurs


Poisonous Potions


Dream of Dragons



Astonishing Africa


The Arrival

Whole School Collaboration

Throughout the year the school will be involved in 3 whole school collaborative topics. Each topic will last for 2 weeks and focus on specific curriculum areas.

Some examples from themed weeks can be seen below.



With a focus on History, Art, Literacy and Computing.  


Look what we got up to!!

Click the picture to see more.

We started the week with a Vintage bus tour.
Poet Brian Moses told London Inspired poetry and led workshops where the children wrote their own.



Everyone dressed for the occasion!
We had a historic tour of Deal and learnt about smuggling goods to London. The day finished off with a battle between the Romans and Celts on the beach!



We celebrated The London 2012 Olympics and had a visit from Paralympian Clare Harvey. 
Each Class studied a different period in history. The fortnight concluded with an open afternoon to celebrate our wonderful work with parents and carers.



Pupil Voice leaders led Art, drama and music sessions for their groups.





With a focus on Music, Art and Religious education

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We started the week with a music festival! Folk band, Green Diesel, opened the festival.


Children were voted by members of their class to take part in a Comedy Festival. Staff and children took to the stage in front of the whole school and told jokes and stories. The whole day was filled with fun and laughter.