Sandown School

Year 5 2021/2022


Welcome to the Year 5 page! The teaching team in Year 5 consists of Mrs Uppal, Mr Law, Mrs Cagan and Miss Black

Year 5 will be having PE on a  Wednesday and a Friday. Please can children wear their PE kits to school on these days.

We also visit Green Zone every term. Have a look at the Green Keeper Blogs to see more of what we get up to.

Year 5 explore Green Zone


Term 4 topic overview

Year 5 and 6 Spelling 

Instant Recall Facts

Term 4 Home Learning

Term 1

Astonishing Africa

Possible enrichment

Maths: IM4 Unit 1 Whole Numbers, IM4 Unit 3 Whole numbers, IM4 Unit 5 Fractions
• Literacy: Letters to African School about life in the UK, Narratives
Topic - Geog/Hist: Benin AD 900 – 1300. (Possible historical comparison). Equator, Northern and Southern Hemisphere, climate, Tropics of cancer and Capricorn.  
Science: Animals including humans 
Computing: Being Safe online
RE: God – What does it mean if God is loving and holy?
Music: Glockenspiels 
PE: Hockey & Multi skills
French: At the Cafe
Art: Skill – drawing. Illustrations in the Tinga Art Style. African artists - research
PSHE: Being Me in my world

African drumming 



Port Lymnpe 


Term 2

To infinity and beyond

Possible enrichment

Maths: IM4 Unit 6 Angles, IM5 Unit 2 Whole numbers, IM5 Unit 6 Ratio
Literacy: Non-fiction biography, narrative(complete the adventure), Non-fiction (Cosmos) fact file, Space poetry
Topic – Geog/Hist: Chronological history of space travel, use of globes
Science: Earth & Space
Computing: Year 4 unit- Unit B- Word Processing
RE: Incarnation – Was Jesus the Messiah?
Music: Livin’ on a prayer Adapted Scheme 
PE: Hockey & Dance
French: The weather
Art: Skill – drawing. Chalk solar system, Design and make a solar system mobile and evaluate once made.
DT: Design, make and evaluate a cross stitch mission patch.
PSHE: Celebrating difference


Term 3

Violent Volcanoes

Possible enrichment

Maths: IM4 Unit 10 Decimals, IM5 Unit 7 Decimals, IM4 Unit 12 Area & Perimeter
Literacy: Description of eruption, Narrative (own version of escape from Pompeii), Newspaper report, poetry.
Topic – Geog/Hist: Locate Europe and North and South America, Equator, volcanoes and earthquakes
Science: Properties and changes of materials
Computing: Information Technology 3D modelling
RE: People of God – How can following God bring freedom and justice?
Music: Make you feel my love
PE: Yoga/fitness & Handball
French: Clothes
Art: Skill: 3D. Making erupting volcanoes, Sketch of erupting volcano.
PSHE: Dreams and goals


Term 4

Ancient Egypt

Possible enrichment

Maths: IM5 Unit 8 Measurements, IM5 Unit 10 Percentages, IM5 Unit 12 Properties of triangles and shapes
Literacy: Setting description, character description, diary entry, narrative writing, Non-fiction fact file.  
Topic – Geog/Hist: River Nile (River work – See Geog progression of skills), Settlements and land use, economic activity including trade links, achievements of earliest civilisation. (Compare 2 historical periods explaining things which changed and stayed the same, how Britain may have learnt from these civilisations). 
Science: Forces
Computing: Information Technology- Unit C- potential 3D models of pyramids
RE: Salvation – What did Jesus do to save human beings?
Music: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
PE: Gymnastics & Tennis
French: My Home
Art: Skill – drawing. Canopic Jar Egyptian architecture.(architects and Artist)
DT: – Shaduff designs and making.  
PSHE: Healthy Me

 Ancient Egyptian Performance

Term 5

Capital Mystery

Possible enrichment

Maths: IM4 Unit 13 Symmetry, IM4 Unit 14 Tessellations, IM5 Unit 13 Geometrical constructions
Literacy: Narrative writing, newspaper report, letter writing, interview report
Topic – Geog/Hist: Compare London with New York similarities and differences human and physical. Plan a journey from Deal to NY.
Science: Animals including humans
Computing: UnitD- Computer |Science, Unit E- Computer science
RE: Judaism – What does it mean to be Jewish in Britain today?
Music: Dancing in the Street
PE: Dance and Handball
French: Revision-what’s the date
Art Skills: painting Stephen Wiltshire artwork. London eye story artwork, skyline of London.
PSHE: Relationships

Possible London Trip

Term 6


Possible enrichment

Maths: IM5 Unit 14 Volumes of cubes and cuboids
Literacy: Narratives.
Topic – Geog/Hist: Equator, Northern and Southern Hemisphere, climate, Tropics of cancer and Capricorn.
Science: Animals including humans
Computing: Computer Science – Espresso coding
RE: Is it better to express your beliefs in arts and architecture or in charity and generosity?
Music: Reflect, rewind and replay
PE: Athletics & OAA
French: Revision
Art: collaging technique to create Skellig
PSHE: Changing me

Picnic to share DT products


Year 5 and 6 Spellings

General Information:  PE is timetabled for Monday and Wednesday. If children do not have the correct kit, they will not be able to take part in the sessions. Long hair needs to be tied back and earrings either need to be taken out or ‘taped’ with micropore tape brought from home.

Homework: An important skill for everybody now is rapid recall of times tables.  Knowing their times tables in any order is the aim and to this effect children are expected to practise their times tables at home. As you know we have been using Times Tables Rock Stars since last year. This is somewhere where children can practice their times tables skills in a fun way online. Each term, children will receive a homework sheet for the term. This will have a key maths skill for them to practice and the expected year group spellings attached for children to practice. Both of these elements of children’s home learning will be assessed at the end of each term through a short quiz. We also offer suggestions of any project style homework that children would like to produce and bring in to share with the rest of the class. This can be art work, fact files, posters, models and any other creative ideas the children have to show us what they have learnt during the term topic.

Reading Records: Reading is a vital part of children’s learning and something that will hold them in good stead for the future. We encourage children to read both independently and out loud at school and children are expected to do the same at home at least 3 times a week. We would appreciate it if an adult could sign the reading record each time their child reads at home, whether that be out loud or independently. Spelling Shed: As you will know from last year, children each have a log in to Spelling Shed. They will be given a list of words each week in a blue folder. These will be brought home every Monday for children to practice their spellings on the sheets. These folders need to be returned every Friday at the very latest. Children will be tested on their weekly words on a Friday.

Children can access their spelling words that they are learning for the week on their area. They can also play games and earn points on the programme.

As well as weekly spellings, in their blue folder they will also have a grammar task each week. This grammar task will be taught and started in school, however, if it is not completed, children are expected to complete it at home. By sending these grammar tasks home, we hope that you will be able to discuss the use of correct grammar when children are reading or writing outside of school.

Please do come and speak to us on the playground if you have any questions, queries or worries. We will be more than happy to help.

We are really looking forward an exciting year.



Year 5/6 Spelling list