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 Year 6 - 2021/ 2022

Hello and welcome to the Year 6 page.

Our teaching team consists of Miss Knight, Miss Kaschner, Mrs Skinner and Miss Buckett.   

Year 6 have PE on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Please can children wear their PE kits to school on a these days.

Term 5 Group B spellings

Term 5 spellings

Topic Overview Term 5

Term 5 Home learning

Term 1

The Victorians

Possible enrichment

Maths: Inspire Maths
Literacy: Diary Entry, Recount, Biography
Topic- History: Timeline of inventions, Life in the workhouse Queen Victoria The changing power of Monarchs- Queen Victoria A significant turning point in history- inventions,Britain had major influence on the world (inventions and Scientists- Charles Darwin), Crime and punishment – Victorian and now comparison
Science: Light
Computing: Unit A- Being safe online
RE: Creation- Creation and Science: conflicting or complementary
Music: I'll be there
PE: Multiskills and Handball
French: The Classroom
Art/DT: Print making- Morris fabric printing
DT: woodwork- photoframes
PSHE : Being Me in My World

Victorian experience workshop

Term 2

Extreme Environments

Possible enrichment

Maths: Area of triangles , Angles on straight lines, vertically opposite angles, finding unknown angles. Properties of triangles and 4- sided shapes. Average : Mean. Geometry- Positions and direction. Area of rectilinear shapes, Perimeter of rectilinear shapes, Coordinates.
Literacy: Non chronological report, Instructions
Topic – Geog: Geographical skills and fieldwork ,Identify position and significance of latitude, longitude, Equator, Northern Hemisphere…, Geographical similarities and differences using physical and human geography, I can answer questions by using a map.
Science: Living things and their habitats
Computing: Unit B- Information technology
RE: Gospel- What would Jesus do? Christmas Story
Music: Happy
PE: Handball
French: The Classroom
Art: 3D art- Arts mark based learning: collage with different materials.
PSHE: Celebrating Difference



Term 3


Possible enrichment

Maths: Inspire Maths
Literacy: Poetry, Narrative, letter, Recount, newspaper report
Topic – Geog/Hist: Battle of Britain, The Blitz, Life as an evacuee,Dunkirk Evacuations, Timeline of key events, Map work- allies and axis, Local history study- Little Ships (Dunkirk Evacuation),Geographical skills and fieldwork
Science: Electricity
• Computing: Unit C Computer science Espresso Coding
RE: Islam: what does it mean to be Muslim in Britain today?
• Music: A new year Carol
• PE: Gymnastics and Hockey
• French: Healthy Lifestyles
• Art: Textiles- variety of materials and exploring types of stitches, sketching and drawing
• DT:Textile- single fabric shape can create 3D textile product- pillow/pillowcase
• PSHE: Dreams and Goals

Mr O’Sullivan WWII experience day

Term 4


Possible enrichment

Maths: Inspire maths.
Literacy: Dialogue, persuasive letter, Biography, Instructions
Topic – Geog/Hist: Battle of Britain, Life in Germany during WW2,A significant turning point in history- Battle of Britain
Science: Animals including humans (Circulatory system, effect of exercise and drugs)
Computing: Unit D : Computer Science ( Espresso Coding)
RE: Salvation: What difference does resurrection make for Christianity
Music: Happy
PE: Yoga/fitness, Kwik Cricket
French: Healthy Lifestyles
Art: Drawing - Perspective
PSHE: Healthy Me


Term 5


Possible enrichment

Maths: Revision for SATS
Literacy: Balanced argument and narratives
Science: Living things and their habitat, Scientists and Inventors
Computing: Unit E: Computer Science (Espresso coding)
RE: Is it better to express your beliefs in arts and architecture or charity and generosity.
Music: You've got a friend
PE: Dance and Athletics
French: Revision – what’s the date
Art: Sketching and drawing and artist- David Hockney
PSHE: Relationships



Term 6

The Arrival

Possible enrichment

Maths: Inspire maths
Literacy: poetry,letter, narrative
Topic – Geog: understand geographical similarities and differences through the study of the human and physical geography of a region of the UK, a region in a European country and a region within North or South America
Science: Evolution and Inheritance
Computing: Unit F: Information Technology
RE: Kingdom of God: What kind of king is Jesus?
Music: Reflect, Rewind and Replay
PE: OAA and Rounders
French: Revision At School
DT: Food tech: Fruit/pasta salad and making chocolate or pancakes
PSHE: Changing Me

Activity Week

Additional information


This is timetables for a Tuesday and a Thursday. Please can children come to school wearing their PE kits. Long hair needs to be tied back and earrings either need to be taken out or ‘taped’ with micropore tape brought from home.


 A vital skill for everybody now is rapid recall of times tables.  This means children have to be able to respond quickly to quick-fire questions in order to apply their knowledge efficiently in Maths.  Knowing their times tables in any order is the aim and to this effect children are expected to practise their times tables at home.

Reading Logs need to be brought to school every-day and children have been asked to record their reading throughout the week in their reading logs, whether they read independently or to an adult. It would be very much appreciated if the reading logs are signed by an adult.


We will be providing children with a copy of the year 5/6 spelling word lists and hope by the end of the year they are able to spell the majority of the words on the list. It would benefit the children to practice writing their spellings and using them in sentences. They may also need to use their dictionary skills to find definitions of the words.


 If you have any questions/queries or worries, please speak to us at the end of the day or make an appointment.

We look forward to a busy and exciting year.