Sandown School

Young Carers

Sandown School Young Carers' Group 

At Sandown we recognise that sometimes a child who has caring responsibilities at home might need a little extra support to help them get the most out of school and so we have set up our Young Carers Support Group.

The whole school is committed to ensuring that all our children, including Young Carers, can access and engage with their education, with the right support where necessary, to achieve their potential.

We have a designated Young Carers' leaders in school, Mrs Male. Mrs Horrocks, SENCO, supports the group on behalf of the Sandown Senior Leadership team. We also have a school Governor, Mrs Rowe, who is taking a special interest in and responsibility for our Young Carers' Support Group.  They will ensure that families and pupils are aware of the group.  They can be contacted via the School Office by phone or in person.  Pupils can speak to Mrs Male or Mrs Horrocks at any time during the school day or they can leave a confidential message in the box located securely in the School Office.

We have excellent links with external agencies and can make referrals to get support for Young Carers and their families, if they would like us to. We would only share information with professionals and agencies on a need to know basis in order to get the right support.  The school actively seeks feedback and ideas from young carers and their families to shape and improve support so we would be pleased to hear your views.

The school uses Pupil Premium funding to minimise any barriers to education and learning experience by eligible Young Carers.

What is a Young Carer?

At Sandown a Young Carer is “a child in Year 1 and above who provides care to another family member who has a physical illness or disability, mental health problem, sensory disability, severe learning disability or who has a substance misuse problem”. We include in this children living with siblings who have any of these difficulties.

What do we do?

We meet once a month at lunchtime in the After School Club Room. We have our lunch together, either a school meal or packed lunch, and then enjoy activities together.


Our first meeting this year was in September - we met for a chat and welcomed a new member to our group.

We talked about how the group can support all the members and reminded each other of the many things we have done since it started up.

We discussed things we might like to do as a group and came up with lots of suggestions. We will look at these and decide what it will be possible for us to do this year.

Our next meeting was in December, just before Christmas. This year we were lucky to have a visit from three ladies from Whole School Meals who come into school for the afternoon and cooked with us.

We made Christmas biscuits and while they baked we rolled and cut out icing to decorate them. We made biscuits in the shape of trees, angels, reindeer, snowmen and bells and decorated them with white and coloured icing and sprinkles of all sorts. There were even special boxes for us to take our biscuits home. We’d like to send a big thank you to the ladies from Whole School Meals for organising the whole afternoon and supplying everything we needed. We had great fun and the biscuits were delicious.

In February we met at lunchtime and while we ate our lunch we started to make a new display for our notice board. We are calling this “Young Carers’ Helping Hands” and we drew round our hands and cut out the shape. We thought about all the jobs we do to help at home and wrote them on the fingers of our cut out hands. Then we coloured and decorated the hands ready to make the display. We also welcomed another new member to our group.

Young Carers' Summer Lunch July